Scooter Sidecar / Sespan

Suggested sidecar alignment (for motorcycles and motorscooters)

A: Lengthwise distance between centerline of the sidecar mounting flange and the centerline of the sidecar wheel 22 inches (56 cm) B: Cross distance between centerline of flange joint and centerline of sidecar wheel.22 inches (56 cm) for scooters25 inches (64 cm) for motorcycles C: Lengthwise distance between centerline of sidecar wheel and motorscooter wheel (5 inches / 13 cm)or motorcycle wheel (8 inches / 20 cm) D: Suggested cross distance from centerline of sidecar wheel and motorscooter wheel ( 45.5 / 116 cm) ormotorcycle wheel ( 47 inches / 120 cm) Height of centerline of mounting flange above ground with sidecar suspension adjustment in the center of its travel:

Motorscooter -- 13.5 inches / 34 cm
Motorcycles -- 15 inches / 38 cm

Cozy mounting system for monocoque chassis (Vespa)
This view shows the very sturdy Cozy mounting system for monocoque (Vespa) style scooters. Note the link that run from the sidecar frame to the base of the seat. This fine-adjusts and maintains the vertical tilt of the scooter in reference to the sidecar. This is the equivalent of camber in an automobile. Note the very sturdy coil spring over hydraulic shock suspension and standard 3.50 X 10 sidecar tire. This view also shows how the front guard or bumper attaches to the frame and not the body, thus providing actual protection rather than just decoration. This center view shows how the mount bolts through the floor of the scooter over a wide area to avoid any concentration of force which could damage the floor. Note that the center stand remains attached with the Cozy mounting system to allow easy easy mounting and dismounting of the sidecar without the need to re-attach the centerstand to allow operation without the sidecar. The sidecar can be detached in a matter of minutes by loosening the four bolts in the flange and one bolt in the tilt/camber brace. A worm's eye view showing the very sturdy construction of the Cozy sidecar mounting system.
Only Cozy shows this view of their sidcars. We are as proud of the rugged construction and top quality materials underneath as we are of the good looks on top.
Cozy mounting system for single tube chassis scooters such as the Lambrett or Servetta.
How the Cozy flange style mount attaches to scooters such as the Lambretta 150 with a single tube chassis. Note to sharp eyed Lambretta owners: These images have been "flipped" to show a right hand mount for left hand drive. We don't really have a mirror image Lambretta!
Sidecar has been removed from chassis for illustration only. Sidecar is shipped assembled to chassis and there is no need to remove when you install. Sidecar shown has the FRS (Floating Rubber Suspension) system. Coil spring over hydraulic shock is standard but FRS is available at no extra charge

Cozy mounting system for large displacement tubular frame scooters require a special sub-frame mount.
The Helix and other large displacement tubular frame scooters require a special sub-frame mount. This kit is an extra cost item. Details of this sub-frame kit are shown below. The clamp is constructed of 7 gauge steel. The block is 1 inch A36 cold rolled steel. The strut rod is 5/8 UNF all thread. Clamp bolts/nuts are 3/8 NC grade 8. On a Helix the block must be attached to the top of the clamp to provide adequate ground clearance. The strut rod threads are not painted as this would cause difficulties in installing and initial adjustment. It is suggested that when the sidecar is installed and aligned that these be painted to avoid rust. These can also be trimmed to length and a protective cap installed over the end.
A small 1 1/4 inch long by about 1/2 inch deep notch is required in the plastic trim under the floor boards to clear the above clamp at the front. Note that this is not visible from the top of the scooter. The clamps and block are dip painted in gray Rustolium paint which is very close to the Helix chassis gray. The belly pan has been removed in this photo. it will also have to be notched to clear the clamps.
This is how the main sidecar support tube with flange mounts to the sub-frame. Note that there are two sets of holes. One set is for the scooter model sidecars and the other is for the motorcycle model sidecars. The sub-frame and strut rods are over-length to make these as universal as possible for the large tubular frame scooters and to provide a mounting location if you want to mount a steering damper. These can be trimmed to length after installation, however I have operated my scooter with both the motorcycle Road Rocket and scooter Steel Raptor for several hundred miles over all kinds of roads with no problems. The strut from the seat support to the sub-frame allows easy 1 minute changes in the lean angle to compensate for changes in the sidecar loads. Just loosen a mounting bolt and add or remove a slotted washer and re-tighten.
This view shows how the typical Cozy sidecar attaches to the sub-frame. Front of scooter / sidecar is to bottom of picture.

Perimeter tubular frame rod-ends ("George" clamp)
View of the assembled frame clamp and rod-end. In the fore ground is a 6 inch (150 mm) steel scale to give a size comparison. These rod ends are machined from 1" (25 mm) X 1" (25 mm) X 2-1/2" (64 mm) A36 cold rolled steel [CRS] All fasteners are grade 8 with electro-zinc and yellow dichromate finish. The strut rod is 5/8 X 18 grade 5 all thread. All strut rods are supplied over-length to allow custom fitting. For full strength at least 1 diameter (5/8 inch / 16 mm) must be engaged in the rod end. As each rod end has at least 1-5/8 depth of full thread this provides 2 full inches of adjustment for each pair of rod ends.
View of the disassembled rod-end (see below for dis-assembled view of clamp) giving a clearer view of the massive 1/2 inch (13 mm) grade 8 clamp bolt.
A close-up showing the grade 8 markings on the rod-end clamp bolt. All threaded fasteners provided with the tubular perimeter frame mounting kits (other than the lock nuts for the strut rods) will be grade 8. Barbecue grill and lawnmower specification fasteners have no place in the Cosy mounting kits.
A close-up of the assembled clamp showing not only the grade 8 bolt but also the grade 8 nuts and washers that are standard with this clamp. Other combinations of fasteners are shown below, but this this configuration has been selected as the one providing the best value for our customers
Perimeter tubular frame clamp details This shows the tubular perimeter frame clamp assembled around a 36 mm hose nipple which is the same size as many main frame members. The type of nuts and bolts to fix the secure the loop to the main body of the clamp has not yet been determined. Several different types are shown in these pictures. The frame loop is made of 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick mild steel 2 inches (50 mm) wide and is formed to fit the
This is a view of a disassembled clamp. Note the Nylok nut on the 5/8 strut and the use of grade 8 5/16 X 18 socket head cap screws with Kerps nuts which integrate a washer and lockwasher into one unit. The curved center piece fits between the 5/8 X 18 strut / screw and the frame member to prevent damage and to distribute the clamping force. The main clamp block is constructed of 1 X 2 inch (25 X 50 mm) mild steel bar stock.
This shows the full length of the 5/8 X 18 strut. This will project at right angles to the frame and will clamp a sub-frame made from 2 X 2 ( 50 mm X 50 mm) X .110 ( 3 mm) square section tubing which will mount the Cosy circular mounting flange. Semicircular bushings are supplied for mounting to smaller diameter frame members. The strut is made extra long for universal fit, and should be trimmed to the correct length when mounted on a particular scooter or motorcycle.

Trouble shooting matrix
Here is a matrix of common sidecar problems. Some of the problems you may be having can be a result of multiple solutions. Be aware that you may make the mistake of over compensating for one problem and "cause" another. When ever you are troubleshooting, always make small changes and then test them out, don't be in a rush and take your time.
Pulls Right Pulls Left Hard to turn Right Hard to turn left Wheel lifts easily Wobble Excessive tire wear
Increase toe in X X
Decrease toe in X X X
Increase lean out X X
Increase lean in X X X
Stiffer shocks X
Steering Head (column) tension X
Tire pressure X X X X
Swing arm bushings X
Add weight to sidecar X
Move sidecar further forward X X
Move sidecar further back X X X

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