Lambretta Repair Manuals

Lambretta Repair Manuals

There are a many books that are in and out of print that help with general maintenance and full repair of Lambretta and Vespa motor scooters. Here are some Lambretta books I have found over the years, with a brief description of the contents. Most are for sale online at Scooter Products web site. I have included links to the purchase pages where applicable.

The Complete Spanner's Workshop Manual for: Lambretta

OK - This book is by far the best workshop book for Series III Lambrettas..period. It has taken information from many, many sources and gone far and above any other manual I have seen out there. It covers the Li Series III 125, Li 125 Special, Li Series III 150, Li 150 Special, TV 175 Series III, TV 200, SX 150, SX 200, GP 125, GP150 and GP 200. The manual includes detailed disassembly notes and loads of pictures, color electrical diagrams, gear charts, ignition timing, oil seal identification, tuning options, and carb specifications. It also notes slight differences between Series II and Series III parts such as cylinder cowls, fan covers, and airboxes so that you can identify all those spare parts you have lying around. If you buy one Lambretta manual on this page and own a Series III this is the one to have.

by Martin 'Sticky' Round - Published by Fingers in Pies Productions - 232 pages

The Official Lambretta Home Workshop Manual 1959-1978:

This is a great book covering most Series I through III machines and both the J line and Luna line of Lambretta scooters. These include the Li Series I 125, Li Series II 125, Li Series III 125, Li 125 Special, Li Series

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