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Name of scooter:
Model: Lambretta Li series 2
Inspiration for project: Biggy, who was in our club, now sadly passed away. He always loved Lambretta chops, the letter b on the petrol tank is in memory of Biggy (R.I.P. good friend).
Time to build: Quite quick as it had to be ready in time for Yorkshire Alliance chopper build off.
Frame modifications: Customised frame, forks flared out at the bottom, cables in frame by Madspeed customs.
Specialised parts: Most of this project is unique; uprated fork springs, West Coast Lambretta Works dampers, Maltese cross rear light from USA, flywheel cowl by Madspeed, one off seat by Tony Archer.
Engine: Imola 185, ports opened and polished, 2mm taken from inlet and 1.5mm from exhaust port. high-load bearings and seals, Rotax race crank, SX 200 gearing, 46/16 sprockets, MB Developments stainless custom fasteners, PM Tuning pipe with carbon fibre end can, built by Madspeed.
Paintwork: Base coat and blue metalflake by Painter Al (former club member). Custom artwork by the master, Matty Evans.
Powder coating: Trevor at Midas Touch.
Overall cost: Being honest, it’s hard to say as I part exchanged parts along the way, very reasonable though and priceless to me.
Favourite dealer: Madspeed Customs and Pete Merchant.
Thanks: All the lads at Madspeed for their hard work, Madness, Painter Al, Matty Evans, Trevor at Midas Touch, Tony Archer, everyone did top jobs for this project super quick. Marie for buying the carb as an early birthday present in order to get me on the road, All the Bradford Discharge SC for their support over the years to present day, Pie, big Al, Biggy (RIP) Mick, Ginger, and new prospect Ste, Little Ava.

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